Monday, March 28, 2011

Ian Sommerhalder

So honestly I have no idea what made me do it but I went and downloaded season 4 of Law and Order SVU because there is one episode that he guest starred in.  I found that out from a site that had info on Vampire Diaries all because I was working on getting things ready for a PSL community.

I had to do it.  I think I'm beginning to have a strange obsesssion with him or something.   He was younger when he did SVU of course considering it's like in it's 12th season or something like that but hey he's still the little hottie in it. 

Ok this is quick may come up with something more substantial later but right now I got nothing. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming to some conclussions

So this week I have come to some conclusions this week.  Mainly a big one that I am apparently expendable.  A friend who I've been Rping with for a little more than a year is a mother. Ok great. I don't begrudge anyone being a parent.  Her kids are in their 20's and one is currently in school.  Great.  She told me this week that because it was his spring break she would spend more time on and we could Rp more.  Great.  I thought.  Considering we don't do it much the rest of the year because she feels the need to write his fucking papers and everything else.  Don't get me wrong I'm all for helping your kids out in school but writing all their work for them, really how's he gonna fucking learn.  It's not like she's gonna be out there holding his hand while he is working. If he doesn't know the stuff now, he's never gonna be able to handle it in the real world? 

Told me this week she'd be on.  She's been on all of two days to Roleplay with.  Just pisses me off at the fact that I was told that Rping would take place this week and it hasn't.

Really pissses me off that everyone that I Rp with  fucks me over.  I have a couple who are on but never RP with.  Or if they do start Rping with me they fuck off and forget about me but they can RP with everyone else.

I'm just trying to figure out why the hell I bother anymore.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A brief abscence

So it's been awhile since I've talked much about music.  Not that I haven't thought about my music of course. :)  But I had taken a break from it since I had wanted the new computer and it worked out that the payments for the computer would be cheaper than my music lessons that usually worked out to just under $100/month and of course that's in Canadian.  So I sort of put the music lessons on hold, still am not back to them yet but that's just cause we don't have the money as yet.

I was doing piano and Violin before I quit.  Well didn't really quit just kind of took a break. I'd been in lessons for like 4 years or something like that without a break so it was due.  Then I broke the shoulder so things were on hold for sure. 

Still haven't actually picked up the violin again and tried it.  Kind of scared to really.  I probably should and try to play it again just to see how the shoulder will hold up.  The piano is a different story.  I'd found a free upright piano, which was cool, but I never got it tuned so I hated to practice on it which meant not really progressing at any significant amount.  Well we got our income tax back and found a digital piano, that never needs tuning, that was a decent price and so Leo bought it! YAY!!! 

Introducing the newest baby of the family.
So now I've been playing the piano each night for about 10 minutes or so and Alex comes into the dining room and bangs on the incredibly out of tune upright while I have my headset on and I'm playing my baby.  Which I just want to add that I put together mostly on my own. :)  WOOT YAY ME!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I was sitting here tonight looking at pictures I have uploaded on Facebook.  I came across pictures of me at one of my riding lessons and realized just how overweight I am.  I have known I'm overweight for a bit but to see just how big I am as I'm riding a horse, I really feel bad for the horses I've ridden.  It's hard to imagine just how much they've dealt with while lugging my fat ass around.

So seeing this, and realizing that I could probably ride a little better without the stomach, I am going to make a concious effort to loose the weight and start eating healthy.  As I sit here writing this, I have a box of Nature Valley granola bars sitting beside me that I have really enjoyed the few that I have had.  I think I'm goig to figure out a way to get a gym membership as well and start going there.  Even if it's just to use a stationary bike or something.  Have to find something that is easy on the knees. 

There is also Fit Booty Camp that I may look into as well.  8 weeks of someone kicking my ass may do me well. :)  Anyway I just thought I'd put this out. 

From this day forward I'm going to make sure I work to loose the weight and that way I'll be in better shape when I go back to riding, if I ever get back to riding.

I'm back.

So after a brief and unexpected, yet totally expected, abscence I am back.  Yes I can't spell. LOL  Anyway.  It's now been a month since having to say good-bye to my loving grandfather, who at the end of his life didn't reconize pretty much anyone.  I've now driven past the cemetary where his ashes are 4 times and it's incredibly hard.  Yesterday I drove past and found myself speeding up to get passed in the one direction, coming back in the other direction I sped up and made sure I wasn't looking.  I had my friend, her two kids and her boyfriend in the car with me.  He told me when we were passed and I could look around me again. 

So haven't had the chance to get out and do any photography as it's still cold and snowy.  I'm so ready for it to be over. Now though I've got two weddings to think about, my nephew on Leo's side of the family and my best friend is FINALLY getting married.  They've booked the church and hall and stuff. Leo is a groomsmen and I'm doing some photography stuff but they are hiring a photographer to do the actual photos. 

So because it's been cold I've picked up the cross-stitch again. I know I should pick up the writing again, though I did start something the other day when I was at the playground, indoor thank god, with Alex.  Anyway here are the four x-stitches I'm going to be working on. 

This is for my best friend and his soon to be wife.  It's going to have their names and the wedding date. 

This is for my Mother In law.  Been trying to do it for ages.  
Another I've been trying to do for ages, for my mom. 
And this will be mine.  If I can get the other three done. :)
So next week is the kiddo's march break.  And I was supposed to have a week without him but my mother in law is sick with Shingles, so I have the monkey home with me.  Now to figure out what to do with kiddo that will keep the remaining sanity left in me there where it should be.

Anyway I'm going to leave this and plug my computer back in as the cord just fell out as the kiddo turned. :)