Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life couldn't be all roses right?

So I haven't written for a few days but here's another update.

Things with Jack are wonderful for the most part.  He's such a good horse.  So fun to ride.  Haven't done anything but walk on him and the occasional steps in trot when he was feeling grumpy.  Yes the extent of his grumpiness is getting into a trot and backing up at the halt, both no big deals for me to handle.

So for the summer months at least I was going to have him on Pasture Board where he'd be outside all day and night, then for the winter months bring him in.  June 30th was the first night he was left out, and immediately jumped or tried to jump a 4ft fence, when I say tried he ended up breaking the fence so the pasture horses all escaped, luckily the barn manager and staff were still there to round them up. 

Barn manager tried to put him in the field again with the horses on Pasture board and he didn't want to have anything to do with them, once again attempting his escape over the 4ft fence.  Needless to say he's now in a field with one other horse at night but with his friend's the rest of the day. 

Got a text today from the barn manager saying that he's not handling the outdoor board and that he's lost a lot of weight.  So now I'm scrambling trying to figure out just how I can keep him happy, and keep the weight on him and not be in debt up to my ears.

I'm going to look at one barn tonight, that is a possibility to move him too if the barn is nice and the cost is in my price range.  It wouldn't be such a big deal, I'd put him on indoor at the place we're at if I was working still, but with it being summer, I'm off for two months. If I end up staying at Walden Ridge, I will look for a Part Boarder but if I do move him to this other barn I wouldn't need one.

All of that board stuff after I actually took the plunge and got on him without my Alli safety blanket, as I call her, getting on him before me and being there for me.  :)  I got on him with Leo there watching me and holding him for me when I needed!!!!!  I had gone out the night before I got one him with the intent to get on him that night but I chickened out, using the excuse the bugs were bad when really it was my low self esteem getting in the way.  Other people were in the ring and I thought more about what they MIGHT think about me then what I really wanted to do.  So Leo and I went out yesterday morning, after I cried the night before cause I couldn't get on him, and I got on him while no one else was around. :)  I cried again but they were happy tears this time. :)  So now I know I can get on my horse without my safety blanket. :)

Our first ride together without Alli our safety blanket. 

I knew it wasn't going to be all roses with him, he had to make my life difficult in some way. :)

Good thing he's cute and I love him. :)