Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Glutton for Punishment

So I decided that not only was doing one wedding sampler bad enough, mind you I'm almost finished with the one for the BF and his fiance, I decided that my nephew should get one for his wedding too.  So now I'm doing another wedding sampler.  Not the one I wanted that I was looking for, but it would have taken like 7-14 days to get here to order it online and I just don't have that time. I'm actually taking a bit of a break to type this up.

This is for my nephew and his fiance for their wedding in June

So been sitting working on that one now while the other one sits and waits til this is done.  Like I said not the one I wanted but it'll do.

This is the one I wanted but the store doesn't have it
So went to another craft store around here, one that I couldn't go to cause didn't have a lot of gas and it's a fair distance from the house, so my friend picked me up yesterday and we went, and what do I find there but this kit.  I was pissed that I found it.  If I'd have had the money I'd have gotten it but I didn't have the money so I'm stuck with out.

So as I was looking for something in the house I found yet another cross stitch kit that I had forgotten I had bought.  Amazing what you find sometimes. :) 

This is the one I found just recently so now will do this for myself.
Anyway just a quick post better get back tot the cross stitching.  That's all I've been doing recently.

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