Thursday, March 17, 2011

A brief abscence

So it's been awhile since I've talked much about music.  Not that I haven't thought about my music of course. :)  But I had taken a break from it since I had wanted the new computer and it worked out that the payments for the computer would be cheaper than my music lessons that usually worked out to just under $100/month and of course that's in Canadian.  So I sort of put the music lessons on hold, still am not back to them yet but that's just cause we don't have the money as yet.

I was doing piano and Violin before I quit.  Well didn't really quit just kind of took a break. I'd been in lessons for like 4 years or something like that without a break so it was due.  Then I broke the shoulder so things were on hold for sure. 

Still haven't actually picked up the violin again and tried it.  Kind of scared to really.  I probably should and try to play it again just to see how the shoulder will hold up.  The piano is a different story.  I'd found a free upright piano, which was cool, but I never got it tuned so I hated to practice on it which meant not really progressing at any significant amount.  Well we got our income tax back and found a digital piano, that never needs tuning, that was a decent price and so Leo bought it! YAY!!! 

Introducing the newest baby of the family.
So now I've been playing the piano each night for about 10 minutes or so and Alex comes into the dining room and bangs on the incredibly out of tune upright while I have my headset on and I'm playing my baby.  Which I just want to add that I put together mostly on my own. :)  WOOT YAY ME!!!!


  1. That's awesome, Carrie! I'd love to have a piano of my own to play on some day. I had borrowed a keyboard from Chris' gf, and for a while I was doing pretty good at it, on a beginner level. But they split up, so of course it had to go back. I took piano lessons years and years ago, over 40. I've always loved the keyboard, and used to go to my friend's house down the street to play, but I'd end up on the piano, picking out tunes from the sheet music lol

  2. Yeah. I only took actual lessons after meeting Leo and even then I started with the Violin. Though I played music through school but it was on the Violin for a year and a half in grades 6 and half of 7 then went to High School and did 5 years of Tenor Sax. Did a semester of Grade 10 music keyboarding so really taught myself the right hand on the piano but because all of my instruments were Treble Clef I'm having a harder time with the bass clef in the left hand.