Monday, August 15, 2011

Apparently it takes me a month....

So apparently I'm going to post once a month or something.  What can I say since my last post.  My life is freaking boring and my computer crapped out so I'm on the shitty 15 inch computer when I'm used to the 17inch one. Really annoying cause the computer I'm on now uses Ubuntu so anything windows based I can't use. :(

I would add pictures here of some photography stuff lately that I've done but slight problem with the fact that I haven't uploaded them and the other ones are on the hard drive from the 17 inch one.  I figure there's no sense in transferring them onto this computer so I'm stuck waiting on the other one to come back which better be this week or I'm going crazy.

Ok even more crazy than I am now.

So I now have a 7 year old who is going to be in grade two in September.  The bus will actually be picking him up slightly earlier than last year, the good news, he'll still get picked up at the same spot so I don't have to worry about that. Just means I have to get up earlier.

Got finished worrying about one grandparent and laid him to rest, now I get to wait for the dreaded phone call on my grandmother on my dad's side. 

Not to long ago we had major issues here, crap was literally hitting the fan and one of my uncles came and got her and moved her back down to Trenton where she lived before moving in with dad.  Yesterday David, my brother, texted my mom while we were at my Aunt's for my cousins first birthday and I get the news that they found a tumor that is to far gone.  So needless to say we're just waiting on the phone call that she's gone. 

Leo had said when she moved, because we were trying to convince her that I'd be alright with her going to Trenton, that we probably wouldn't even get the chance to visit her and it looks like it's coming to that.  Good thing I just bought a black skirt.  Seems I'm going to need it.

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