Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photos, photos and more photos

So I've been spending my time lately with my new computer program, Photoshop Elements 9.  $129.99 but WELL worth the money.  I needed a new program to edit pictures after I've taken them.  Asked a friend of mine who does photography, and she said the best was Photoshop so somehow, still haven't figured out how, I was able to convince my dear hubby to buy Photoshop for me. 

The first night I didn't really do much as I didn't know how to do anything, but clicked on the help button and low and behold there's actual video tutorials! YAY! So I've been watching the videos as I've needed to and then yesterday was spent playing around with Photoshop, almost as much as today has. 

A friend of mine texted me to see how well I know Photoshop, told her I just got it so I'm slowly learning.  She said that she is launching a product at Trillium Champs and is wondering if I can do an image of a horse Jumping but with the background taken out and some text.  Told her I would play with it and see what I can come up with.  She also said that she knows a guy who has print clients needing work done so this could mean a pt job for me. 

The only thing I've really ever been excited about was working on farms in barns shoveling out the stalls and cleaning them.  I'm actually excited about this whole photography thing and editing the pics on Photoshop.  It's nice to be excited about something again. 

Not sure what else to put here so I'm going to put some pics that I've taken recently and edits I've done.

Warning picture heavy!

Riley.  My cousins son at his first birthday party

A little fun with PS.  Took the pick and made it look old fashioned. 

Added the frame. I think it's cute. 

Left Kole in color and made the rest B&W

I like the dark edges and the circle around Kole

Miss Jewel. We finally had a day we could do it.

She was wanting to play and see the animals.

One of my favs.  Both the original and all the edits.  She's so cute.

Yellow flower and the rest is B&W. I love this effect
Ok so there's some pics and edits I've done. :) I'm thinking I may just start a new blog for all my photography stuff.  Leo's supposed to help me with a website so we shall see.

Oh yeah and I have to weddings to photograph. One on Saturday cause a friend's photographer had to cancel after breaking her leg, and another friend from WoW on September 3rd.  Excited but nervous all at once.

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