Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another installment of teaching a young horse to lunge!

Ok well he sort of knows how to lunge, now it's just expanding on that. LOL

Friday night I came home from work, decided to go for supper so loaded the car with Alex, Judy and I and we went to Swiss Chalet before we headed to the barn.  I'd promised Alex he could come see Jack Friday night and it worked well cause Leo had a gaming session so he wasn't home.  Anyway we had supper then went to the barn.  As always Jack was in his stall munching, I swear he's very motivated by food. Pulled him out of his stall away from his precious hay, and put him in cross ties.  Alex at first wanted to groom him so I said he and Judy could groom him.  Suddenly Alex didn't want to groom him after only doing half of a horse.  Little brat. ;) Anyway Judy finished grooming him while I made him look like a dork. 

I know, he's a gelding but wear's purple.  He's sure of his manly ness. :)  After Judy finished brushing his tail I took him to the ring with the lunge line and we decided to do some lunging.  There were already a few people in the ring so I wasn't sure how exactly this would work, good thing the ring is HUGE!  Well he was good at picking up each rein in the walk and trot, I decided to brave it and try some cantering.  Hahahaha.  That ended up being a joke.  Couldn't get it on the one rein but got a few strides on the other.  I was happy with that.  I'm not in a big rush with him and so I'm not going to push him.  We'll progress when we're both in shape.  Course if I don't get my butt back into the gym he'll be in better shape than I will. LOL 

Anyway didn't do anything with him today since it was raining and we don't have an indoor ring but hopefully after work tomorrow I don't have to take mom to the hospital to have her knee looked at and Alli and I can get to the barn and ride him.

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