Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So I decided to go a different route with this.  Now my blog is going to be my adventures with horse ownership. :)

As some of you may know, cause I'm not sure who actually reads this, but I bought a horse! YAY ME!  Ok I wasn't intending on buying one right right away cause I figured I'd work, save up the money to buy a new computer and then the truck and then finally a horse.  So I got a little messed up on the order.  But anyway, Alli, my coach and friend, will sometimes buy horses and train them and resell them sort of like flipping houses but with horses and the very risk of death and or injury all the time.  Now normally she get's the crazy horses and retrains them and resells them.  So when she told me she got a new horse I figured he was cute but was going to be crazy.  Boy was I surprised! She gave me the details on him- 4 years old, off the track, 16.3hh(every hand is four inches)-but imagine my surprise when she tells me he's sane and actually kind of lazy and that he'd be the perfect first horse for me!

I told hubby about it and he just smiled.  Alli kept telling me to hurry up and get the money and buy him. I was like "If only I could" she kept telling me she'd take payments.  :)  I sat down and talked to hubby, and Judy who's living with us now, and jokingly told Alli that I would talk to Judy and see if she could help me for now and I'd pay her back. Once again surprise number 2, Judy said she would!  So it was settled and Alli and I decided how much a month I would pay her and so on and so forth.  So for the next year or so I'm paying her at least a couple hundred.  Plus then I have to pay for board, and farrier (which is pretty decent since he's barefoot) and Vet. All in all not bad.

So yes I've bought a horse. 

My life is really a zoo now! 

So I haven't actually ridden him much yet, just still getting to know him.  Everything will come in due time. :) I love him already. He's a smart little cookie and nothing phases him.  Except being in his little three stall barn without his other two friend's.  Though starting in a couple weeks he's going to be an outdoor pony for the summer. :) The barn where he's at is about a block from the region's international airport, so the planes fly over head constantly.  He doesn't care.  I was walking around the arena on Friday on his back and a plane flew over head, a car horn honked right beside the ring and one drove past him and he didn't care. I love him!

I've started, since I don't get on him by myself quite yet, that I'm lunging him.  I don't do it to long with him as he is still learning this.  They don't lunge on the track so he had to be taught. The other night we tried and we just were both getting frustrated so I stopped.  He got one way but couldn't figure out the other. I let him be for a few days, he had his feet trimmed last night, so I made the trek out to the barn tonight and decided to try again.  Well I wasn't about to give up on the side he was struggling with, though when he still wasn't getting in after 20 minutes I was feeling VERY frustrated, but we kept at it and FINALLY he got it!  I'm so proud of him!  So I didn't do much more, and left it on a good note!  I love it when it clicks!  More later after our next adventure in Lunging. :)

Alli Riding him.

Never seen a pole on the ground before! Went over it!
Alex loves him too. 

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