Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I love my horse!

I love my horse!  Have I mentioned that? I'm sure I must have because I absolutely LOVE my horse!

I went out to the barn to work him a bit tonight on the lunge line and this time we didn't need to use the whip as motivation! YAY!  He's such a smart horse.  I walked him and trotted him on both reins and then decided to see how he did on the Canter.  We picked it up on the right rein in no time! The left we were a little slower with but eventually got it. :) Then I let him off the lunge line to see what he would do and he walked right over to a corner of the outdoor ring and started munching on grass.  Yes he's very food motivated. :) I got the lead rope on his halter and then walked him around the ring a bit.  Had him step over a trot pole that was on the ground.  At first he didn't want to step over it and tried to fight me but eventually he got the hang of it and walked over like a pro. :)  We walked over a few more a few times then I thought what the hell let's try a trot over a pole.  The only time he's trotted over a pole he actually jumped it when Alli was on his back.  Tonight there was no jump. He just trotted over it like a pro star!

Have I mentioned I love him? ;)  

When I got him back to the barn I started scratching him by his the crest of his neck and he was making funny faces cause apparently that's his sweet spot. Leo got video of it with my phone.

Don't mind my disgustingness.  I'm still working on getting me in shape.

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