Monday, January 24, 2011

Good-bye old friend.

Such a great friend to us all.  An amazing young horse.  You were just coming into your own. Only nine years old when your mama had to make a hard choice.   You were such an amazing horse last show season. You jumped your heart out.  I knew you from the beginning, well when you were young and your mom got you as a rescue. She put her heart into you.  Worked with you, threatened to shoot you when you freaked out like a young colt. But she never would have.  You were taken out in your prime by Equine Lymphangitis. You had it once before and recovered.  As much as it hurt all of us to have to think about not having you around, your mom didn't want you to suffer either. She made such a difficult choice to keep you from going stir crazy in your stall while you healed, if you would have healed at all.  She was only thinking about the best for you.  As much as it hurt, she did what was best.  

We're always going to remember you as a healthy, big boy who jumped his heart out for his mom.  As much as a pain it was to keep you clean, it was worth it even to be slobbered on. 

I remember sitting at Waymark holding your lead line while you munched on grass and your mom was either eating or walking the course. You were such a silly boy when you decided to step on your lead line and scare yourself. I wish I had a picture of it.  But as soon as you figured out what you had done you settled right back into eating again as if nothing happened.  As long as there was food around you were quite happy to be munching on it.  

I saw you go from a skinny Thorughbred to the beautifully handsome boy you were at the end.  Maybe even slightly fat.  No one would have ever guessed that you'd come from OLEX where if Alli hadn't gotten you, you may have ended up going for meat. 

Alli and I always said this was your "How can I get out of the rest of my classes" pic.  It was after this picture was taken that we discovered you had injured yourself and Alli pulled you from the rest of your classes.  We both said it was a good thing you were cute.  

I always threatened to kick Alli's ass if she tried to sell you.  There were times she'd thought about it.  Luckily she never did. I knew she wouldn't.  Of course whenever she rode other crazy horses I always said that I'd take you if she was killed.  I'd have protected you and spoiled you. 

I never got to ride you, I wasn't brave enough knowing that you could be flighty at times.  But you were always loved. Even if your mom didn't like you at a given point you could always be promised a scritch from me. 

You always did know what to do.  Sometimes you scared the crap out of Alli, but we all laughed about it later. Your last jump at Vanbrook comes to mind. 

 Now that you've crossed that Rainbow Bridge, you don't have to worry about having to stand out in the cold, or the rain and you can munch on lush green grass as much as you like.  You've earned it good friend.  You'll be missed so much but we all know you're no longer in pain. We love you. 

You've left us with so many happy memories and so much love.  You won't ever be replaced and will always be loved. 

Love you Calvin Klein. 



  1. That was a wonderful tribute, Carrie, it brought tears to my eyes. Very moving. *hugs*

  2. Yeah brings tears to my eyes all the time.

    I'm actually probably getting a digital photo frame and filling it with pics of Calvin that not only I took but other people took as well and giving that to Alli. Sort of as a memorial.

  3. What a beautiful post! The pictures you took of him are gorgeous too. *huggles*