Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stayed up to late last night, now can't think of a cleaver title.

So I applied to Petsmart for their Pet Grooming salon. They're opening a new one not to far from me.  It's work.  I'll take what I can get.  They called today. I got all excited thinking I was being called for an interview, they called to see about making an appointment for Hershey since he's due for a grooming.  Needless to say my hopes fell hard and fast.  LOL 

So manged to convince Leo into letting me take a course through ICS Canada for a course. I've looked at a few different ones a few different times, but it never seemed to work out.  So the course I'm taking is for the Pet Grooming certificate.  It looks really interesting.  I've already taken Hairdressing so hopefully that'll help me out when it comes to actually clipping and stuff. :)  Eventually I may think about opening my own Grooming salon.  Though that's years from now. 

Everyday I go and check out Big Fish Games to see what new releases are there.  I find the odd ones that I really really like, but I don't want to spent the money buying them.  I spend time searching for the torrents to get them to play them til I beat the games.  Yesterday I went searching for a torrent for one game that I had fun trying and kept coming up with torrents that didn't work or that were corrupted or whatever, til I found a blog that actually has the download links to the full cracked versions!  I'm like in serious heaven right now!  I've been able to find a lot of my dash/time management type games in one place!  LOVING it! 

So my first guest blog spot will be up on Friday at Julie's.  Don't know how good it is, but the one friend who I ran it by said it was good.  I've never been confident in my writing, hell I'm always questioning how well I do with my Roleplaying.  I always think I suck, but everyone tells me no I don't.  If I'm honest I question myself how good am I at everything I do in my life. 

I've questioned if I'm a good mother, Alex seems to think so sometimes.  I've question if I'm a good enough wife, I'm still married and have been for 5 years, or is it 6?  Music I question, writing I question.  I guess my life is just meat to be full of questions that I don't seem to be able to say "Yes you are good enough. You are fantastic."  I guess that comes from always being told I'd never amount to anything or that I wasn't ever good enough.  Talk about the self confidence issue.

Anyway I'll leave this here to continue on with my online portion of school.

Alex was pretending he was a dog with Dixie looking on in the background.
I'll leave this with a few pictures I've taken while working on my photography.  Enjoy. 

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