Thursday, January 27, 2011

My week keeps getting better and better, oh and a Crying Damon Salvatore.

So my week went from shit to really shitty! Monday I get the text message about Calvin, so spent two days sort of not really in the whole wanting to do much of anything, then I get a phone call from Petsmart, which I applied to.  But it wasn't for a job like I'd been hoping.  It was to make an appointment for Hershey to have his grooming.  Then as I'm sitting watching the new Vampire Diaries (where Damon Salvatore is crying AGAIN.  OMG so HAWT when he cries) I get told that Leo's uncle had a major heart attack and died while down in Mexico with his wife.  We only saw them December 27th and neither one of them looked like they weren't healthy.

So yes my week hasn't been the greatest. 

Though there have been some happier moments this week.  Last night Leo said yes to me taking the Pet Grooming Certificate so I started that and took two exams already.  The first one I got 93 on it and the second I got 100. :) WOOT!

Ok jumping back to Vampire Diaries.  I had completely forgot that tonight was the start of the new Episodes. I like to say I have a healthy obsession with Damon Salvatore,  or maybe it's a healthy obsession with Ian Somerhalder?  Either way I love him.  Maybe it's the blue eyes or something.  I don't know.  But tonight's episode Damon had to kill Rose. Rose, who kidnapped Elena and was going to give her to the one of the Original's.  But I'm not going there. Anyway Rose had been bitten by a werewolf and we all know that werewolf bites are fatal to vampires.  So yes she was basically going crazy.  Tried to kill Elena and the whole shebang.

Anyway Ian, oops I mean, Damon tried to talk to Jules who is a werewolf, the wolf in fact that bit Rose in the first place, to find out if there was a cure but alas there wasn't, or if there is Juels wasn't talking and told him the only cure was to put a stake into her heart.   So we move on.

Didn't see much of Stefan this epi but really I wasn't worried.  Damon looked so sad throughout the episode.  Just before he killed Rose, with the stake, he controlled her dreams and took her back to the place she grew up.  Let her have that happy time before he would totally betray her and kill her.  You see him actually shed tears as he does it and she basically dies in her arms.  I wanted wrap my arms around him.

So there's other stuff that happens, like he talks to Sheriff Forbes and shows her the dead vampire, since there were people who were killed, and then returns home to see Elena there. They have a conversation and you can see the gears in Damons head shifting already.  He is sooooooo crazy about Elena.  Needless to say he's completely distraught.

They left tonight's episode with Damon laying in the middle of the road, of course drunk, a woman stops her car to see if he's alright.  Yes there's an idea, a dark road in the middle of no where, let's stop the car and get out cause we're all alone.  Eventually D gets up and compels her not to move, so she's frozen.  He goes into a spiel and all that then says he isn't going to kill her, lets her go and then before you know it he's actually killing her and drinking her blood.  Major tears cause you knows he's hurting when he says that he can't be what she wants him to be.  And in that line you know damn well he's talking about Elena as the she part.

And so that ends my night, well sort of. Still gonna rp a bit, maybe do some more studying not sure.  Either way here's a last sad picture of Damon Salvatore so we can ALL have good dreams about a tall brooding vampire, that isn't Edward Cullen. (not that I don't like Edward Cullen)



  1. Damon: Carrie, chica, you worry about me waaaaaay too much. Methinks you should find a hobby. I'm a vampire, love. I always end up on the right side of the stake.

  2. Oh Damon love, I hate to see you cry though. You're to damn cute for tears to fall from those baby blues of yours.

  3. Damon: Carrie, you're mistaken. I got something in my eyes, that's all. Hayfever, you know it's bad this time of year in Fell's Church. Hell, I mean Mystic Falls.