Monday, January 24, 2011

A sad good-bye

Today a friend of mine had a sad good bye to say to a faithful friend.  I'm crying with her, even if he wasn't my horse.  She had to put her horse, Calvin down today.  She got him as a rescue and loved him, trained him and worked with him to get him to be the star he was.  He was such a good horse.  I remember being at a show with Alli, as her show bitch-that title consisted of being groom, horse handler and photographer all rolled into one. It was the best.  But I remember being at one show with Alli and I had to hold Calvin while she went and walked the course.  I was able to literally sit on the ground and he just stood there munching on the grass around me. 

I remember when Alli got him and how skinny he looked.  She fattened him up and got him looking as wonderful as he did.  

He's now passed over that Rainbow bridge, no longer in pain, staying out of the rain-he was a prince after all couldn't have him getting wet.  He's munching on grass in his favorite spot-anywhere away from work.  

Love you Calvin.  You will be missed.  You were a star that walked the earth.  You won't ever be forgotten. 

Even in the rain you still worked hard. 

The most handsomest of all.

You loved what you did and worked hard for Alli.

Always a superstar.

Even scary liverpools didn't stop you.

Always had to give Alli and "Oh Shit" moment giving us all a laugh.
9 years young.  Way to soon to leave us.

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  1. It is so hard to loose a friend... *huggles* I am thinking of you and your friend.